[Engaged] Amy+Brooks

Cheers to photographing in my home town and in my favorite terrain! Muggy, buggy, beautiful cotton fields + pine forests. And double cheers to my subjects for being dear to my heart. Amy and Brooks will be married in January, let these photos be a sample of the fun and adorableness to come. 

[Family] The Bardins

Rachel and David invited me to their home on a Sunday afternoon to photograph their sweet, sweet son, Will. I'm in love with the out come of our time together - New parents in their element cuddling up to the love of their life. I had momentary freak out about the beautiful fig tree in the backyard and a couple weeks later when the fruit came into season she invited me back to pick some, and let me tell you those figs were delicious. Thank you so much Rachel and David!

[Family] in the North Georgia Mountains

For my mom's birthday in April we all met in the Smoky Mountain Foothills for some hiking and river watching. Family trips are a chance to photograph my favorite muse, George Wyatt, my nephew. He is the the sun of our solar system.

There's actually 4 ladies in this picture, my sister is due in July to have a sweet baby girl.

my Dad, a great hiker.

[Seattle] with friends

Two months ago Bernardo and I flew over the country to visit 3 great friends of ours in Seattle. I was so excited to see their new city and meet their (girl)friends. Neither of us had been before and we pretty much had no idea what to expect of the Pacific Northwest. In short - it was a perfect week, blue skies (in Seattle???), mountains, islands, and so much food and coffee. Of all we learned, the most unexpected thing was how incredibly decent the all people we encountered were, not a syrupy sweetness you find in the south but general niceness, not once did anyone make me feel like a bother being a tourist in their city. 


The pictures we took are with the Fuji x100s. It was quite a stretch for me to get what I wanted out of the little camera, I'm used to my reliable canon 5D as an extension of my arm. You be the judge.

From the 73rd floor of Columbia Center, tallest building in Seattle. 

Plant shops like these were all over the place. 


We heard a lot about our friends Jeff's "Casa Luna" - lots of roommates, grey water systems, and buckets of beans in the kitchen. But it was great! and very quirky! Thanks Jeff, for having us over for dinner around your Japanese style floor table :)

Jeff in the flesh ^

And he took this photo ^

Parks on parks on parks and they were all uniquely beautiful. 

Discovery Park-

Golden Gardens-

Gas Works- 

Nate did an A+ job being our tour guide and co-coffee drinker. 

This guy right here gave us his car and room for the week, cooked us breakfast, and took us on adventures all week long. 

We were so lucky to get to meet this lady ^ Elise was born and raised in Washington and graciously shared some beautiful parts of the Seattle area that we'd never have seen with out someone like her. We spent the final weekend traveling on a whim to her family house on an Island north of Seattle. 

Trespassed onto the daffodil fields in the Skagit Valley. 

Always test your self timer, photographers. 

Always test your self timer, photographers. 

The Muedders [Family]

Some things in my life I look back on in hindsight and am able to see the real hand of God shaping things. Meeting the Muedders was a pivotal point in mine and Bernardo's unrooted lives in Charlotte. Bernardo joined Jon Muedder last year as a partner running a fantastic film production company called Caravan. It's been a wild year of growth for them and getting to have Allison as the other half of Caravan's marital support system has been a blessing. Their sweet little girl Avery has the cutest tiny voice and happy personality (testified by the pictures below). Look close and you might spot Allison's beginnings of a baby bump! A baby boy will be joining the Muedder family in the summer. 


[Christmas] Adventure in Belize

Luckily, this post about our family's Christmas Vacation will be less of a look back on wintry days spent inside with hot drinks (which we are still in the midst of!) and act more as a day dream for summer weather. My husband's parents are Anglican missionaries in Belize, Central America; it is a beautiful coastal country with incredibly warm, balmy weather all year round. The tiny islands called cayes (keys) off the coast are ridiculously peaceful, believe me when I say you will never feel more relaxed in your life than when you are on one of these cayes. 


Juan and Maria (my in-laws) live in the Cayo region on Belize where together they head St. Andrews Anglican Church. Bernardo and I got to attend a Belizian wedding, perform readings in the Sunday service and get to know many of the sweet people of Cayo that they serve. 


Christmas was a completely new experience for me. Bernardo has celebrated with my side of the family for the past 5 years, this was my first with his. Truthfully, I was worried before the trip about getting homesick for all the fun traditions I associate with our American Christmas, but celebrating with the Marentes' was so very different and special in other ways that there was no comparison. Christmas Eve dinner with at least 15 town members from all over the world who weren't able to be with their own families, children's Christmas pageant at 9:00 pm, fireworks at midnight and presents after that. 


Crazy to think that a 10 minutes drive from our parent's house sat the Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins. The elite family who ruled there were alive over 3 thousand years ago! 


We visited St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park. the hiking trails made me feel like we were in Jurassic Park and the Blue Hole is an opening to an underground river. 


A bunch of stinky boys at the top of a bird watching tower. 


As a Christmas present, Juan and Maria took us all to Caye Caulker - a 5 mile long 1 mile wide oasis without cars or sad stray dogs (I struggle with wanting to take care of every stray I lay eyes on in any country making it very difficult in countries with so many pups that need love). The big happy dogs in the picture below all have owners and their own island to rule!


Last but not least of the events of this trip was a trip to the Belize Zoo. This was my 3rd visit throughout my life and it never fails to impress me with its dedication to native species and intimate encounters for guests.


The Tapir is my favorite Belizian species, this is Tambo and I miss his so much!