[Seattle] with friends

Two months ago Bernardo and I flew over the country to visit 3 great friends of ours in Seattle. I was so excited to see their new city and meet their (girl)friends. Neither of us had been before and we pretty much had no idea what to expect of the Pacific Northwest. In short - it was a perfect week, blue skies (in Seattle???), mountains, islands, and so much food and coffee. Of all we learned, the most unexpected thing was how incredibly decent the all people we encountered were, not a syrupy sweetness you find in the south but general niceness, not once did anyone make me feel like a bother being a tourist in their city. 


The pictures we took are with the Fuji x100s. It was quite a stretch for me to get what I wanted out of the little camera, I'm used to my reliable canon 5D as an extension of my arm. You be the judge.

From the 73rd floor of Columbia Center, tallest building in Seattle. 

Plant shops like these were all over the place. 


We heard a lot about our friends Jeff's "Casa Luna" - lots of roommates, grey water systems, and buckets of beans in the kitchen. But it was great! and very quirky! Thanks Jeff, for having us over for dinner around your Japanese style floor table :)

Jeff in the flesh ^

And he took this photo ^

Parks on parks on parks and they were all uniquely beautiful. 

Discovery Park-

Golden Gardens-

Gas Works- 

Nate did an A+ job being our tour guide and co-coffee drinker. 

This guy right here gave us his car and room for the week, cooked us breakfast, and took us on adventures all week long. 

We were so lucky to get to meet this lady ^ Elise was born and raised in Washington and graciously shared some beautiful parts of the Seattle area that we'd never have seen with out someone like her. We spent the final weekend traveling on a whim to her family house on an Island north of Seattle. 

Trespassed onto the daffodil fields in the Skagit Valley. 

Always test your self timer, photographers. 

Always test your self timer, photographers.