[Jess+Lee] Married on John's Island

This wedding was a breath of fresh air for me. 

Sometimes I get down on myself when my work doesn't spark like I know it can.  I give all my projects the same amounts of thought and love, get all the right angles. The elements that technically make a picture are there but I know "it"s not there. I struggle daily with consistency and always wonder at my peers who seem to nail it on the reg, how do they do it?

Then I meet clients like Jess and Lee who help me rediscover what it means, as an artist, to be inspired. Before they could even meet me they were believers in my art, made clear on our first skype date as they spoke about God's gifts and how they trusted me and my vision, not worrying about the details. I felt complete freedom from expectation, leaving our chat empowered to create, anxiety free, for them. Driving away from their wedding day with some baller best man/maid of honor speeches in my head, I realized that that is how they treat everyone they surround themselves with, how lucky their friends and family are! To be believed in is a wonderful gift.