[Fall Families] The Highlights!

The pre-Christmas season is always a new delight getting to hang out with so many interesting families. I love laughing with parents at their hilarious children (family pictures are a magnet for kid personality quirks to shine), discovering new shoot locations and if I'm lucky, seeing my work on Christmas cards. I'd love to share some of my favs from 2014, be my guest!




Like a string tying everything together, the mood of the day came from Ashlyn's infectious giddiness to be married to Andrew. Not many other details really seemed to matter as much as that to her, what a great way to look at your wedding day. Thank you Ashlyn, Andrew and your families for letting me in on a little of your magic.


Happy New Year everyone!!! 

I'm ringing it in on the blog with my last shoot from 2014. When Lauren thought of a New Years themed engagement session for her and her finances save the dates I knew we fit. I myself got married on New Years Eve, and I love the holiday. Its a great holiday to signify the newness of marriage. Also...glitter. Spending the afternoon with Lauren and Luis got me really inspired for their wedding on Oak Island come May.  


[Sarah+Emily] Flying the Coop

This was a day I'd been waiting for. Sarah, my beautiful, spirited childhood playmate of a cousin let me take her senior pictures AND recruited her sweet and beautiful friend, Emily, to join in. I knew this would be super freaking fun and it so was. Bring a friend to endure being the sole subject of the camera and its 100 times easier.  It feels great to know every smile below was real, not for the camera, and most of the time caused by some ludicrous dance measure. 

[Rachel + Jeremy] Engaged in Chapel Hill

Driving to meet Rachel and Jeremy, I prayed for the drizzly, grey sky to give it a rest and let some warming rays through. Our friend nature had other ideas, ideas for our session to be dowsed in that soft, cozy light that makes everything feel the right amount of sleepy romantic. I couldn't be happier with what we made and can't wait to spend another day with these two come August!

[Morgan+Jeremy] Married at Dennis Vineyards

Here's yet another memorable late summer wedding I'd love to share with y'all. This day in September was annoited by the Holy Spirit, I tell ya, the atmosphere was calm and the weather was pleasant. Some highlights - a secret prayer across some grape vines, vows under pecan trees, lots of fly dancing. 

Thank you so much ,Morgan, for letting me document this celebration and thank you, Jeremy, for being such a great groom with great dance moves! 

[Jess+Lee] Married on John's Island

This wedding was a breath of fresh air for me. 

Sometimes I get down on myself when my work doesn't spark like I know it can.  I give all my projects the same amounts of thought and love, get all the right angles. The elements that technically make a picture are there but I know "it"s not there. I struggle daily with consistency and always wonder at my peers who seem to nail it on the reg, how do they do it?

Then I meet clients like Jess and Lee who help me rediscover what it means, as an artist, to be inspired. Before they could even meet me they were believers in my art, made clear on our first skype date as they spoke about God's gifts and how they trusted me and my vision, not worrying about the details. I felt complete freedom from expectation, leaving our chat empowered to create, anxiety free, for them. Driving away from their wedding day with some baller best man/maid of honor speeches in my head, I realized that that is how they treat everyone they surround themselves with, how lucky their friends and family are! To be believed in is a wonderful gift. 

[The Bowens] At Home

These good people are hands down some of my favs to photograph, aways fresh ideas and hilarious faces. Not to mention- a toddler who can recite the entirety of a book on female engineers and then playing with her moms high school jewelry. Love you Bowens!

[Rachel+Zach] Married at Destarté B&B

Now that I'm finally putting blogs together from this amazing summer of work for me I would love to share with you a wedding from the very beginning. This one was so much fun, probably because at the center of it all was a couple so adorable and kind it just emanated out. 


[The Forgotten Coast] with family

I am decidedly a warm weather being. This week's cold snap had me layering up and slowing down. A lot of good happened this summer and I'm not done reminiscing about it:

My family rents a house in the Gulf of Mexico each year- the part deemed "forgotten." It is so very true in the best of ways- the locals are such characters, our dogs never once wore leashes for the 8 days we were there, fellow beach goers passed by a total of twice in front of our place. I mostly played with my sisters sweet babies as you'll see for yourself:

My sister with her new sweet baby Elin Jane pictured at the Gulf Specimen Aquarium in Panacea, Fl. 

[Amy+Tyler] Married in Thomasville, GA

Amy, Tyler and I go way back, all the way to high school youth group in my hometown. Being a part of TFUMC shaped our lives in many ways, so I felt a lot of gratitude returning to document the holy union of two people who got their start under the same roof. There was a lot of fun to be had on this day. I never get over having a behind-the-curtain view on so many wedding days. Cheers to you Amy + Tyler!